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LEMON Enlisted As a Major Tool for Influencer Marketing Platform

On one fine day in our office, we got a call from a prestigious magazine from SWA Group to ask for an interview session about our new product, LEMON. It was MIX Magazine—A Marketing Magazine focusing their substance about communication and marketing. After exchanging some calls and emails, our _CEO,_ Yamato Sasagawa alongside our CTO, Imam Susanto, and our KOL & Community Manager, Viola Maulinia met with the representatives of MIX Magazine for the coverage session.

Concentrate on the meeting's subject is about another marketing tool that currently hyped in the start-up industry. Apart from digital marketing, that also takes part in social media platform, there’s a new tool for brands to introduce their product to customers by utilizing the influencers. Truly, an influencer plays a growing and important role in word-of-mouth marketing and the benefits are numerous. A year ago, we launched our new platform called "LEMON" to support, provide, and rearrange brands to locate the right influencer for their campaign battle. As of today, LEMON has more than 6,000 total of influencers at the platform accessible for all brands.

On Magazine

One interesting question during the session is about what’s the difference between our new platform compares with the other in the market. The answer is simple, to rival the market, we separate our platform among others with our influencer parameter highlight, which brands can get to their potential influencer's engagement rate, total followers, alongside the followers growth. Additionally, C CHANNEL as the integral part of LEMON offers our credibility as an online media company that already penetrate the market of women in Indonesia, specifically in beauty, food, and lifestyle.

It is an honor for us to be covered on the newest edition of MIX Magazine and we trust that our new influencer platform can contribute well for brands and influencers to achieve the target market and deliver successful campaigns.