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We are more than a company. In C CHANNEL Indonesia, wa are a family. Family for work, play, and have fun. Our purpose is to create a better environment for you to be creative and make impacts for our society. Are you ready to step up your game and take challenge with us? If you already know what you want to apply, send your CV through email [email protected]


Provides value to Indonesian Woman with Information, Community, and Passion


Become No. 1 Female Creator Community-based Online Media in Indonesia

Our Five Working Values

  1. Pro·fes·sion·al

    We always try to give our best effort to reach out the objectives and meet the expectations or beyond within any condition.

  2. A·dapt·ive

    Being adaptive means that we are able to be flexible, open, and be ready for change.

  3. Pro·ac·tive

    Being a proactive person means we manage to find and take action before others ask or remind us.

  4. In·no·va·tive

    As an innovative person, we observe, learn and come up with new, creative, and original ideas to make things proceed more effectively and efficiently.

  5. Co·op·er·a·tive

    We are willing to work with others together to achieve our common goals.


Ary Hermansyah

Vice President of Business

I have worked in the advertising industry for 8 years and C CHANNEL was the first media company that I joined. C CHANNEL has an atmosphere where “I Can Do attitude” can be found in everyone and can encourage the spirit to also show our best side.

Ayu Dewi Handayani

Media Manager

If you are looking for a career that can support your growth, C CHANNEL can be your answer. I started my career from an intern content writer, then I became a Media Manager also the environment here is great, supportive, you can work at your own pace. Career path is there, so it is a matter of perspective to see how far you can grow.

Thalia Wijaya

Beauty Content Planner & Director

C CHANNEL is the place where I started my career as a Content Planner and Director. In this place, I work by pouring all the creativity in my mind and the knowledge I have. I learned to be a person who is more willing to accept new challenges, be professional in facing anyone, and more critical in judging things. On C CHANNEL, the teamwork is very strong.