C-tizens are great talented people in their fields. Our C-tizens come from different places and they can follow their passion here. But we have a goal and together we can reach the company's vision an mission. Here fellow C-tizens are like the second family, we are supportive and help one another.

Internal Event

Our activities that involve C-tizens together to produce a high level of engagement, fun, healthy, and cheerful work environment.

  • Shimekai

    Shimekai comes from the word shime (し め) which means the end of a certain period and (か い) which means meeting / meeting. In short, Shimekai can be called a month-end meeting that discusses what has been done during that month.

  • C CHANNEL Indonesia Birthday

    One year is meaningless if we don’t celebrate and throw a party at C Channel Indonesia’s birthday event.

  • Learning Day

    An activity of sharing knowledge that can be useful for employees’ daily lives or improve employees’ productivity in working.

  • Recreational Meeting

    Production team and Media team will go out of the office to brainstorming for producing more creative content.

Holiday Event

Special event on special date that we always celebrate together.

  • Independence Day

    As a good corporation, C Channel Indonesia celebrates Indonesian Independence Day every year by holding attractive contests and prizes for C-tizens.

  • Halloween Event

    Our C-tizens enliven halloween by doing “Halloween Costume Challenge”.