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C Channel X Rubiena Video Shooting

In this occasion, we would like to highlight the cooperation between C Channel Indonesia with Rubiena for Video Advertisement Shooting. The project involved a series of coordination between C Channel and Rubiena, especially related to the concept and image of the video that will be produced.

After some pre-production meetings with the representative of Rubiena, we finally started the shooting on 24 August 2017, located in a beautiful place called Lots of Flower (LOF).

Our production crew already standby on the location at 6 AM after preparing all of the needed equipment previously. After some preparations, we started to shoot for the production at 7 AM and lasted until 7 PM.

This video shooting was also accompanied by Board of Directors (BOD) of Rubiena: Mr. X, Ms. Susan, and Ms. Y. Besides the BOD, Stephanie as Digital Strategist of Rubiena was also there.

After the shooting, production crew of C Channel has started the editing process to produce great quality of video advertisement for Rubiena. Let’s wait for this masterpiece video!