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Media Briefing of C Channel Indonesia

On Monday, 18 September 2017, C Channel Indonesia held the Media Briefing event in Benedict, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta featuring the CEO of C Channel Japan who was also the former CEO of LINE, Akira Morikawa.

The event was attended by many top tier media in Indonesia as well as some credential clients of C Channel Indonesia from big brands. Meanwhile, there were 3 Keynote Speakers from C Channel itself; Akira Morikawa as CEO of C Channel Japan, Yamato Sasagawa as CEO of C Channel Indonesia, and Pradana Putra Ramadhan as Head of Media in C Channel Indonesia. In the event, C Channel was introduced to Media as One Minute “How-To” Video for Female and the pioneer of vertical video.

The event started with Akira Morikawa shared his experiences and vision in establishing C Channel for the first time back in April 2015. He believes that the format of vertical video will become a world-wide trend in the future. It was proven by the performance of C Channel Indonesia itself to have captured the attention of Indonesia market since its arrival at the end of 2016 in Indonesia.

C Channel’s journey in Indonesia began in late 2016 when the company acquired PT Media Makmur, who ran online lifestyle magazine Kawaii Beauty Japan and e-commerce site for Japanese beauty products Nadeko. Yamato Sasagawa, the CEO of PT Media Makmur, now also become the CEO of C Channel Indonesia and have secured 2.6 million and 30 million monthly views, which contributed to its 18 million fans and 620 million monthly views globally. Ninety-eight percent of its audiences are women aged 18-35 years old.

In the future, C Channel Indonesia will attract more Indonesia female talents and influencers to produce more quality videos to reach the target of 10 million fans in Facebook by the end of 2017.