What’s The Key of Beauty? A Conversation From Our Beauty Clipper with BVoice Radio

On Monday, May 7th 2019, Hanna Handayani Himawan, one of our exclusive Clipper in C Channel, as well as our social media strategist, went to Bina Nusantara University as a speaker for Bvoice Radio’s evening segment.

Bvoice is a media information from Binus University. They produce several programs and one of them was called ‘Ready For Fun Till Late’ where on May 7th is the time for our beauty Clipper, Hanna Himawan to finally speak up and reveal her tips.

Hanna also shared about anything other than beauty, such as her everyday movement and her story behind the camera. Apart of being where her face frequently on the screen as an ability and giving tips for every one of the viewers out there, Hanna Himawan is really fill in as a Social Media Strategist at C Channel Indonesia, where she had to designing social media strategist so as to accomplish marketing targets.

Hanna shared to all the radio listeners that always give a smile on your face, that’s the key for beauty!