What is Clipper

C CHANNEL calls our video as “Clip”, and the model and creator who post and appear in C CHANNEL‘s clip is called “Clipper”. Discover what you love and spread it together with C CHANNEL.

You can always post your video using #cchannelbeautyid, #cchannelid. By using those hashtags C CHANNEL will feature your Clip and invite you to have shootings as Official Clipper.


  • Get Opportunities

    Get more opportunities to collaborate with big brands who join with us

  • More Portfolio

    More chance you take, more portfolio you created

  • Join Community

    You can get connected with other clipper and share your idea

Our Clippers

  • Sheila

  • Angeline

  • Channy

  • Dara

  • Devina

  • Hanna

  • Ilham

  • Gisela

  • Nadhila

  • Rinanti

  • Vania


Apply as Clipper

If you are interested to be a clipper, please fill out these form. We will contact you if there is any upcoming Clipper Audition.

Please copy your instagram profile URL

If you have a video content portfolio, you can put it here. Any link possible Youtube / Facebook / Instagram.